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So it's been another year.
Any update with my life?
Well, I am still working in my first job. I've been working for almost 3 years now, which really shows my loyalty since it's my first job. The truth is I don't love it but I don't hate it as well, I am just so lazy to do paper works if ever I resigned. I also need my pay since I've been travelling a lot lately (locally though but still). I am so addicted with reading novels for a year now and already have more than a hundred books in my cabinet which means I am having problems to where I should put my clothes. Fangirling Arashi, is also like my weekend routine. I also weekly schedule on when to watch something since I am not as free as before. I am on hiatus with my kpop fandom maybe except for GOT7 who I watch from time to time.
So yeah, nothing much changes except for my age obviously. :)

I hope I can post again soon and not wait another year :)

It's been 2 years.

Since I graduated college and I never had any time to visit my livejournal. Already a working girl here.
Everything in here felt so nostalgic.

What I did during summer?

Well, I haven't posted in a while (a year maybe) ... but what did I do this summer?
I got an internship and I'm doing it during the whole summer but at the same time
I am also bringing myself back to my first and original fandom
which is ARASHI ...
it's been a while since I whole heartedly spazz because of them,
But now I can really say that I'm back and I'm loving it
^^ Okaeri ^^


<table border=1><tr><td>
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<td colspan=2 align=left>The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life.  Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.</td>
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Aug. 8th, 2011


Happy Birthday! Sorry if I'm not around lately but I still want to greet you at least before your birthday, and
why didn't you tell me that you have the same birthday as my Baby Yuto hehehe, that aside 
I'm really glad that I met you here in LJ. I know you are a great a person, just by reading your stories
you make people smile and I want to meet you soon personally :)






 Tuesday was LEAP DAY!

LEAP stands for Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (Lasallian is what you called on people studying and working in De La Salle University)
That they we don't have our regular scheduled classes but we still have 3 hours classes.
These classes are not the usual one it's like  extra-cullicular classes like photography, baking, skating and such.
On LEAP the school's organizations and student council provided at least 4 LEAP Classes and then provide 1 Leap CLass Head and 1 assistant~
Fortunately for me, I was assigned as LEAP Class Head on the Nihongo wo Hanashimashou AM Class with my friend Kim. 
I'm the VP - Documentation of my org [Nihon Kenkyuu Kai] that's why I had the privilege to be a class head to together with my other friends.
Also we have Origami class.

Kim, Len (me), Jocelyn, Paula, Char nee-chan 

On the afternoon class we have Nihongo wo Hanashimashou PM and SADO (tea ceremony).
While the Sado class was having a very quiet Japanese Tea Ceremony, I went in the NWH PM to chat with my other friends [in short I'm ruining there class hehehe]

Gail and Me

Then after I while I went back in SADO class to drink tea hehehe ... the SADO class was assist by 19 Nihonjin (Japanese), they are so friendly especially Kanako nee-chan~ 
I really like the taste of the green tea :3

The SADO Class 
 Our university, have annual university week, where their will be bazaar, concerts, games and extra-curricular classes.
For me this year University week is the BEST!
There are many things that happened this week ~

Monday -- February 14,2011 

We have classes on Monday. My first class is Japanese Language 5 where we had fun talking about our lesson [optimism on classes is good]
Then my next class is History of Civilization, I really don't know what happened here hehehe and ohhh, I almost forgot IT'S VALENTINES DAY!
hehehe ~ I posted on my facebook "HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY" since you can really feel that you are single that day hahaha XD but I have fun talking with my friends and also having lunch with tjem, so basically I did have a date :) and this was also the first day of the University Bazaar but I didn't have time to look around.

LR33 Block Picture composed of International Studies major in Japanese, European and American

Korean Ranking

 My Korean Ranking

1. Nam Woohyun [Infinite] -- I so love his voice
2. Minhyuk [CN Blue] -- cause he looks like LOVE IS PAIN (my crush) and he's good in drums
3. Kim KEY Bum [SHINee] -- a total diva :3
4. Cheondong [MBLAQ] -- so love him and his sister XD
5. Niel [Teen Top] -- very charismatic even though he's younger I still like him
6. Yesung [SuJu] -- his voice is so awesome and he's a dubu :))))
7. Lee Jaejin [FT Island] -- my former #1 sorry
8. ChunJi [Teen Top] -- I can't take his cuteness in  Supa Luv
9. Seongyeol [Infinite] -- I just like him XD
10. Yoon Shi Yoon [Kim Tak Goo in King of Baking] -- he so freakingly awesome
10. Joo Won [Go Ma Joon in King of Baking] -- so hot XD
10. Kim Bum [So Yi Jung of F4 in Boys Over Flower] -- is this questionable??? <3

I really like so many guys, this is bad hahaha XD ... I also want to post my Taiwanese and Thai Ranking~

I don't want you guys to think that I'm only thinking about guys of course I also have Female Rankings XD

Will post it soon XD

Posting after A LONG WAIT

Wahhh! XD I accidentally deleted my super long post wahhh!

so I'll do a smaller one

Thanks to my friend who introduced to me the fanfic of[info]ayang902, and I hope we can become friends XD
                       MY JAPANESE RANKING LIST
  1. Ueda Tatsuya ( i love you so much! you are my no. 1 - 100)
  2. Nakajima Yuto (my husband!)
  3.  Yabu Kota (Otanjoubi Omedatou ... I'll try not to let Ryutaro or Inoo take your place)
  4. Aiba Masaki (Good luck to your new DRAMA, can't wait to watch it)
  5. Koyama Keiichiro (How are you?)
  6. Murakami Shingo and Maruyama Ryohei (more FUNNY clips from you guys, ok)
  7. Sato Takeru (more DRAMAS!)
  8. Wakaba Katsumi (still no new drama? doushite?)
  9. Ryutaro Morimoto (Wahhh~!!! ... first time in my ranking of top 10)
  10. Inoo Kei (never expected you)
Why the color, can't change it :(
I want to put more but no, I should stop myself liking to many guys hahaha XD 
but my priority is actually my top 5 sorry for the others

I'll post the Korean List Next time XD
Lazy hehehe



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